I appreciate that you have been planning this day for quite some time, and understandably want the ceremony to be perfect and meaningful in every way. I liaise with you to ensure that from the moment your first guest arrives, the scene is set, everything is to your taste and the whole event runs smoothly and effortlessly.


I supply an unobtrusive and elegant sound system which is nothing like a disco speaker! With your own choice of genre, I play soft gentle background music for your guests to enter the room thus setting the scene and creating a beautiful ambience.


I normally offer various types of music at this point of the day from big name classical tracks, string quartet playing well known romantic or classical pieces or even lovey-dovey chart music; you get to select it your way for your day.


I work with your celebrant, venue staff and yourselves to produce music for the processional, arrival of the bride, and the recessional. All the music will be cut and edited so that it starts just at the right part of the track and fades just as the bride reaches her groom. Trust me, it's a whole lot better than a venue staff member pressing play and stop on a CD player that gives an audible clunk!


If your venue is large, or outdoors, I can supply a lapel radio microphone so that everyone can hear your all-important vows. What's more, I could even record the vows for you to be played again at night or used in a DVD production of your day!  I attend couples weddings every week and am in the perfect position to assist your guests to their seats and to guide them through the various sections of the day.