Would you buy a wedding dress without inspecting it and trying it on?  Do you think it would be a wise idea to book a venue for your wedding breakfast without tasting the food for yourself?  Of course the answer to both questions is NO..!


The same should apply to your wedding entertainment.  Should you buy into a promise that everything will be OK on the day when you have never met the person, or discussed what you want for your day.



I would say unless you live too far away and it's not practical, a definite YES!  There's no better way for you to get to know one and other and find out each other's personalities.


At a client meeting we sit round a table with paper and pen and discuss formalities, entrances, spotlight moments, the history of the happy couple, time-line for the day and last but not least the music.


There really is so much to talk about I'm not even going to try and itemise them all here.  Just to say, I have been entertaining with my current company since 2006.  I have between 40 and 60 happy couples each year telling me what they want for their day.  Think of all those ideas running round my head?  Would you like me to share them with you?  If so, i would be delighted to meet you.