What better way to divide the evening's entertainment, than by having some top quality ceilidh music with myself as your ceilidh caller.


A ceilidh section as part of a wedding disco is becoming increasingly more popular these days. The main reason is the sheer variety and enjoyment that it brings to your family and friends.  No matter if you do or do not know the dances, I will have everyone on their feet mixing with strangers and getting to the the other's family and friends.  I guarantee that your venue floor will be filled to the brim with noise, energy and excitement.


I supply the ceilidh music from big name Scottish entertainers so you will not have to worry about the band playing badly, and as I said, i will give everyone a chance to be part of the fun.



Originally a ceilidh was sort of social gathering, but dancing was probably not involved. They would more likely have told tales, sang songs and listened to someone reading aloud some poetry.  Over the years, especially in Scotland the modern ceilidh has evolved in to a social night of dance.  A band would be booked and everyone would attend looking forward to mixing and socialising with the other town members on the dance floor.  For me, the introduction of a ceilidh set during a disco has gradually got more and more popular over the last 6 years.  It has proved beyond any doubt that it encourages two families to mix and get to know one another, call it an ice breaker to get them introduced.


Having initially been taught the basic dances at as a school boy, it took just a reminder course from one of Scotland's ceilidh agencies to bring it all back to me.  The owner of "Scotland's Ceilidh Band" trained me in the art of ceilidh calling, and encompassing that skill with my public speaking abilities I am confident at being able to get the dance floor full with even the hardest of audiences.



""Hi, first of all thank you for your service on our big day!! We loved it!! And every guest commented on how good the music was!! The English guests especially loved the ceilidh!! I love the pictures on the site, it's so nice that things have been captured once the photographers left! Such as me throwing my bouquet!! Thanks again!! Michelle Hicklin - now Lindsay!!""